SMRG in Action!

A team member prepares to belay during Advanced Semi-tech training


SMRG Member Recognition

SMRG recognizes its members having served, currently serving or about to serve in the Armed Forces, in combat zones and disaster areas around the world.

   • Rene Carrier - FEMA
   • Keith Crabtree - USMC
   • Mark Creighton - USA
   • Patricia Davis
   • Robin Donnelly - USN
   • Teresa Drag - USMC
   • Alan Gehl
   • Larry Hall - USCG
   • Martin Juenge - USA
   • Douglas Kinney – Dept. of State
   • John Luck - Gulf States
   • Mickey McDermott - Iraq
   • Alex McLellan - Australian Army, Gulf States
   • Charles O'Connell - USCG
   • Eric Pedersen - USN
   • Steve Smith
   • Chip Swicker - USN
   • Tom Vandenbosche - ARC
   • Zeb Whitaker - USA
   • Daniel Wynne - USN


Welcome to SMRG

Welcome to the home of the Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group (SMRG). SMRG is a professional volunteer wilderness search and rescue organization established to provide assistance to those who become lost or injured in the outdoors. Along with other member organizations of the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference (ASRC), SMRG responds to emergencies anywhere in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to conduct searches for missing persons or aircraft, and to carry out rescue operations in wilderness areas that require specialized equipment and techniques.

The About SMRG section provides more information on who we are and what we do.

If you are interested in joining SMRG, please visit the Join SMRG section.

Preventative Youth Program

Lost… but Found Safe and Sound

Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group (SMRG) presents a preventative program for children 4-12 based in part on the Association of National Park Rangers’ “Lost, but Found Safe and Sound” video.

From the Lost, but Found Website:

“This 12-minute, professionally produced video is designed to show children, ages 4-12, what to do if they become lost in remote areas such as parks or forests. It follows the actions and thinking of 7-year-old Kelly, who sets out on a long-awaited hike on a beautiful day in the woods with her parents and brother. She runs ahead, gets separated from the rest of the family and becomes lost.

Kelly initially panics and runs aimlessly looking for her family. She then realizes she is lost, and she begins to recall the time a park ranger came to her school and explained what to do in this kind of situation. Gradually, as day turns to night, Kelly takes the appropriate actions and spends the night alone in her "nest" in the woods. The next morning she is found safe and sound by Leni the search dog and his handlers, Brooke Holt and Marion Hardy. Although she is cold, Kelly is just fine because she remembered what to do.”

Anne Tubiolo of the National Park Service Interpretive Design Center at Harpers Ferry produced the video with a generous grant from the National Park Foundation. The video is set in Shenandoah National Park, but it is appropriate for any geographic setting.

The SMRG presentation includes:

  • Introduction of SMRG, what we do and the members helping with this presentation (5 minutes).
  • Playing of the video (12 minutes).
  • Discussion explaning main points of the video (15 minutes).
  • Outdoor question and answer session (5-10 minutes).
  • Demonstration of what wilderness search and rescue personal carry in their pack. (10-15 minutes).
  • Stokes liter carrying demonstration (10 minutes).
  • Handout for parents that includes major points of program.

    The presentation is for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and similar outdoor youth groups at their meeting as well as elementary school children at their school. The presentation can be tailored to your group.

    SMRG is a volunteer organization and the program is presented by volunteers at no cost in northern Virginia and DC-Baltimore corridor.

    Contact Ronald Herning at for more information.